lwakiKen Lwaki Gao, Chairman JALI Sisters

When Linnet shared her Idea for JALI Sisters with me, I knew that this could be one way in which to make a real difference. By giving bright, young women a chance to shine, we fundamentally improve their future and consequently reduce poverty levels. Women are the future of Africa, and by empowering them, they are equipped to make that future brighter.







Linet Aguma Kweyu, Founder and Director

JALI sisters’ means: Joint African Leaders Initiative, Sisters


Linnet was born and bred in Kenya and struggled through education due to poverty, but despite that, she made it through. Her parents died of treatable diseases and as the 11th born, she was left helpless and hopeless.

Now a mother herself, Linet believes that had her parents received formal education, they would have made better choices leading to a better life. All in all, she is grateful to her parents for providing her with the little that they could. They gave them hope and taught them to put their trust in the Lord- elements that made her and her siblings become better people in the society.

Life was difficult. They could barely afford food or decent dressing. After high school, Linet worked as a house help to raise college fees. She was able to save towards a secretarial course- stage 1. Due to lack of fees, she couldn’t pursue stage 2. Luckily, Linet secured a job as a receptionist at a law firm.

God blessed her with a caring husband who supported her education. She joined a catering college in Nairobi (Kenya Polytechnic)Thereafter, she got a job as a cook. She saved part of her salary towards her passion- empowering girls and women in the community.

On realizing her passion, Linet’s husband supported her to study social work at the University of Nairobi. Upon graduation, she got a job with a religious institution as a field officer overseeing social work in Korogocho slum in Nairobi at Comboni Missionary Sisters Health Project. She wanted to do more. Driven by her love for education and need to change the society, she embarked on a saving project. She raised enough money to see her through a degree in Counseling Psychology at the same institution of higher learning. She graduated in 2012. She was able to get another job with another religious institution- Caritas Nairobi- where she worked up until June 2016.

Since then, Linnet has been answering to a call to assist girls, teenage mothers, and women in her community. Through JALI Sisters, she and a number of other individuals, train women leaders from different churches forming strong fellowships and empowering them spiritually. She now oversees the operations of JALI Sisters fully, after resigning from her jo at Caritas Nairobi in early 2016.

“It is wonderful to see some teenagers that we have mentored and sponsored grow to become confident, independent minded young women who are making a positive impact in their families and communities,” Linet says. She adds: “they have now become peace agents, mentors, and ambassadors of Christ. With God, Everything is possible!”

Mildred Mbere, Treasurer JALI sisters

I know now that “they that trust upon the Lord shall never be ashamed.” People perish for lack of knowledge. At JALI Sisters, we are dedicated to training more leaders especially women to empower them with knowledge that they can pass it over to their children. It is wonderful serving as the treasurer of JALI sisters and making sure that every cent is used for the right purpose.

Let us continue empowering women from vulnerable families.

Pst. JamesRev. James Kweyu, Empowerment & Mentorship Program Director

Africa as a continent is blessed with lots of resources, while at the same time it is the poorest continent. This is very ironical indeed.The most affected in this poverty cycle are women and children. I love what Jali Sisters are doing to help them get empowered economically, spiritually and socially. This is a worthy cause to live for and I am delighted to be part of this team that dreams of investing in people and see their lives transformed by the grace of God. I welcome many more to join us in this life changing ministry.




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