JALI (Joint African Leaders Initiative) sisters was established in 2016 and registered in 2017 to enhance self-reliance of vulnerable women, advance and sustain social justice to vulnerable women, girlsand physically challenged children from informal settlements.

JALI Sisters provides them with opportunities to pursue their dreams, through empowerment programs targeted at improving their socio-economic and spiritual status in the society.



What We Do

To meet the needs of these diverse beneficiaries, we run a one-weekend event every month designed around developmental themes such as building confidence, public speaking, and self-esteem. We also provide one-on-one discussions with mentors, hold career talks, group discussions, and encourage leadership responsibilities and community service.

This year, we are helping28 teenage mothers to receive spiritual and economic empowerment through the F4 Model (Financial Freedom For Families model). We are sponsoring 2 girls from poor families to complete high school education and rescued 15 children who were being locked up in houses as their mothers went in search of manual labour to provide for the family.

Economic Development and Self Sufficiency Intensive workshops for women and girls on how to obtain credit and access capital, how to start and expand a business and how to market and advertise effectively.


Transforming lives of vulnerable women and children in local communities

A just world free from poverty where every child is safe, healthy, educated and every woman empowered.


Support teenage mothers and other vulnerable women to realize their dreams through training in skills that will enable them to be financially independent, as well as identifying and protecting needy children and giving them a chance to education, responsibly sharing our time, talents and treasures.

Our Motto:

Creating solutions to challenges together

Core Values:

  • Spirituality
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Stewardship and empowerment

Our Objective:

Our aim is to create a safe and a healthy environment for every child hailing from slum within Nairobi City. Basic education of essence in a child’s life, as such, we are working hard to make this a reality. We reach out to the most vulnerable children, who are locked up in houses as their parents go insuch to provide food for the family.

To help these children, we join with partners, community leaders, women leaders and local administration leaders. Hundreds of children have died in houses due to fires, hunger, and disease. Many have been raped by strangers, and contracted sexually transmitted diseases. Jali Sisters’ partners work to improve living standards of these children, their mothers and address the issue of poverty and how best to help them making sure that they are cared for. Jali Sisters engages partners to leverage additional resources and guarantee sustainability.


  • To establish a firm foundation of Christ in the lives of little children from underprivileged homes through an exclusive early childhood centre that enables them to know how to read and write as well as offer desperate teenage mothers an opportunity to lead better lives.

  • To mobilize funds to train vulnerable women and women refugees so that they find a decent alternative livelihood and reduce poverty levels.

Our Target Population 

  • Teenage mothers who dropped out of school due to poverty or have never attended school.

  • Vulnerable children whose parents cannot afford early childhood education due to poverty or

  • Physically challenged children from refugee families who are locked up in houses and orphans.

  • Children who are abused by parents or strangers

Statement of faith

  • We believe in God, His son Jesus as Lord, and savior, and the Holy Bible as the true Word of God.

  • We believe in salvation and Jesus as the way truth and life, the Holy Spirit as our comforter.

  • We believe in hard work, Integrity, Patience, Faithfulness, Accountability to God and Man and sharing our gifts, resources in LOVE with the less fortunate or the underprivileged in society.

  • We believe in training children about God’s ways from a tender age, and encourage them to practice what we preach in word and deed.

Our Commitment:

  • Practicing Christ love to all regardless of where they come from, age, gender or religion.

  • To see an empowered woman and children protected from danger.

On the Ground

As the Director, I run the organization on a day to day basis. I liaise with schools administrations, churches and government administration leaders on the ground to plan for different counseling sessions, meetings in schools and communities that address women issues and build Christian values in the lives of school children, teenage mothers and women leaders for a better society tomorrow.

We hold frequent one on one mentoring sessions with school girls to discuss issues they might be experiencing. We encourage such girls to lead a positive life and empower them to identify their talents which they can exploit for their benefits in the future.

Additionally, we plan for mentorship programs for women and maintain active contact with the girls and teenage mothers who have already completed the program to form support groups. Acomprehensive training program aimed at assistingrefugees through the process of obtaining knowledge on children rights and women rights.

How We are Run

We have a board that manages the work. The board brings a breadth of experience from educational, charitable and business sectors.

Give Hope to the Hopeless


Our Products

Where We Work

Contact Us

Location: Ruai, off Kangundo Road, Drumvale Estate

P.O. Box 22163 - 00100 Nairobi, Kenya

Mobile: +254 724 348537/ +254 715 371211

Tel: +254 020 8007669

Email:  info@jalisisters.org

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