Teenage mothers (refugees and vulnerable Kenyan women) and girls are trained in a skill that can help them earn a living e.g. tailoring and dress making, beadwork, card decoration, cookery and hair dressing, for those who live in the slum villages, they are given a financial start-up kit that helps them start small businesses.They then pay back slowly in a period of 6 months.

The refugees living in Nairobi can also smile. We help women refugees who are between the ages of 17 – 35 years old. These are teenage mothers who did not have an opportunity to complete their education due to poverty and have no one else to turn to. The refugees live in Kayole slum and Ruaikwa Sewage and meet weekly in different centres to train in a skill that can be beneficial to their lives. The program is currently assisting 28 vulnerable women both Kenyans and Refugees. Some of these women were married off at an early age while others got married because they had no option; no job no home and no livelihood at all. Some lost their parents after attacks in their country after the 2007 post-election violence and their relatives could not afford to take them to school. They survive on begging food from Mosques, churches and Parishes. They are unable to educate their children and there the cycle of poverty continues. We help them break that cycle by empowering them economically.



Most of these women in our fellowships are from needy families while some were victims of domestic violence, rape and some were prostitutes before not by choice but because they cannot secure any formal employment since they have never been to school, some dropped out of school in lower primary due to lack of school fees while some were married off at an early age to decongest the house because of the large population or as a source of income to the family so that their parents could get dowry and money while some are widows who refused to be inherited traditionally after their husbands died (wife inheritance)

This year 2017, we target to train 28 women aged between 18 years-35 years join vocational colleges and help 22 women start small businesses or Income Generating Activities and thereafter form a strong fellowship so as to “create solutions to our challenges together”. The need is big but we believe in starting small and doing what God has enabled us to do at a particular time and one thing at a time.

We also look forward to recruiting more children from needy families who are abandoned or locked up housestake care of those aged 6 months and above, feed them, give them shelter and save them from fires.

The women sign a declaration form and draw their vision and share it with their fellow women during the monthly meetings. We believe in using what God has blessed us with to bless others and make them better vessels for Gods purpose and for His Glory.

Give Hope to the Hopeless


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